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Music's 15 Worst TV Cameos Ever

With Adam Levine joining "American Horror Story," Miley Cyrus appearing on "Two and a Half Men," and Justin Bieber swinging by for a cameo on "The Simpsons," this fall TV season is going to be overwhelmed with musicians. Even Adam Lambert is returning to television -- for the "Pretty Little Liars" Halloween special -- and Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody will be showing up on the next "Game of Thrones" season.


In honor of a fall schedule filled with music and TV crossovers, we've put together a list of the most painful small screen transitions that musicians have ever made. From Pete Wentz's time on "One Tree Hill," to Usher's minute on "Sabrina," to Britney Spears' one-off on "Glee," here are the 15 musical cameos that go down in history as TV's worst.

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Source: http://www.billboard.com/features/music-s-top-15-worst-tv-cameos-ever-1007965612.story#/features/music-s-15-worst-tv-cameos-ever-1007965612.story?page=1

My First Entry

I've had this journal for about 4 years maybe and I've never had anything I wanted to share. I usually just post in communities. I never really figured out how to make my journal all fancy and stuff so I just left it alone.... until now. I'm a huge fan of the Sims 2 and I like to make videos using the game. Here's a video I made over the summer.

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